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Seasonal clean eating recipes – Hedi Hearts Clean Eating Recipes


Seasonal clean eating recipes 1The warm season is the best time to eat delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. But it might be tough sometimes to find high quality ones that don’t get spoiled in a snap. This is when my selection of seasonal clean eating recipes is just what you have been looking for.

Keep in mind that all of the produce you buy should be free of mould. It shouldn’t have any blemishes such as dark, yellow or green spots.

Also, make sure that you wash and handle the fruits and vegetables with the utmost care as most of them can easily be squashed. It is best to wash the berries only when you want to eat them.

What is in season? How to know when it is ripe and what to look for? Let’s have a look at the health benefits and see some suggestions on how to use these fruits and vegetables too. Of course I will add some seasonal clean eating recipes too!

Strawberries are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, keeping us young and healthy. They are very perishable and fragile so eat them very soon after you buy them.

Their ripeness can be easily judged by colour whereby they should be a rich pinkish-red. You can use strawberries in many ways: raw, for compote or as a healthy option for a pancake filling. Strawberry smoothies, jam and cakes are amazing.


Blueberries are important for the proper functioning of the stomach, as well as for the health of one’s eyes. They are packed with antioxidants.

When blueberries are ripe, they have a dusty blue colour and are plump. Don’t select nearly black or soft ones. Blueberries can be eaten raw or used for smoothies, cakes or pies.

The pigment that gives its colour, betacyanin, can fight against several types of cancer. Beetroot assists with bowel function and can lower cholesterol levels.

It can be turned into a soup with a blender, boiled or even roasted. It can also be pickled. If you don’t mind trying some new recipes, you can use it for borscht.

Cherries are rich in potassium and vitamin C. The cherries are ripe when they have a deep red colour. Keep in mind that they should be firm and their stems should be attached. You can eat them raw, make pies or smoothies.

Cucumber is very useful for busy people as it can prevent dehydration due to its high water content. They are low in calories, cholesterol and fat, which makes them ideal for weight loss. Cucumbers can be pickled, boiled or eaten raw in salads.

 Green Beans

Green beans are a great resource of protein for vegans.  Look for bright green beans that don’t have any sign of decay. Steam green beans for about 5 minutes in order to retain most of their nutrients.


Apart from their yummy taste, they are great for those on a diet too as they don’t contain any fats or cholesterol. They are loaded with antioxidants, which have a key role against many diseases. Use them raw as fast as possible to fully enjoy their flavour.

Spinach has anti-inflammatory properties and can even fight against cancer or macular degeneration. It is a great alternative for people who have iron deficiency or anaemia, also pregnant women.

Clean tortilla recipe | Hedi Hearts Clean Eating RecipesThe leaves should be dark green and they shouldn’t be withered. Spinach is best served steamed for a short while as boiling at very high temperatures might destroy its nutrients.

Due to the high fibre content, it is best for stomach issues. It also has a significant percentage of vitamin K (45%) so it’s great for bones.

Remember that the leaves are toxic. Only eat the stalks. Rhubarb is a great option for a compote.

They provide significant amounts of fibre and vitamin A. Peas should have a bright green colour and no signs of wilting. They are best served boiled and combined with other vegetables or as an accompaniment to various meals.

Have you made any of these seasonal clean eating recipes yet?  If you did please share them with me either on my ,Twitter or . I would love to see it! Hashtag #HediHearts

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Kristy from Southern In Law

I am totally jealous of all your summer produce! Winter strawberries have just come into season here (one of the benefits of living in a country that never really gets cold means strawberries all year round!) but I cannot wait for summer mangoes, blueberries and cherries!

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