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Pumpkin ravioli with a simple vegetable broth and white beans

I made these pumpkin-filled ravioli after reading Paul Bertolli’s astounding Cooking By Hand (which I reviewed last week). I made so many that I ended up freezing half and eating them three times. The first time, we ate them with a simple brown butter sauce and crispy sage leaves. Then last night we had them again, over a simple, rustic broth with caramelized leeks, carrots, celery and white beans. Finally today, I had the last few with brown butter again, but this time with big doses of smoked paprika and black pepper. Any way you go, there is a lot to like here.

The pumpkin filling isn’t from Cooking by Hand, I made that up myself. I’m not going to write down the recipe for making the pasta itself, because to do it justice would require a whole photo tutorial, far beyond my Sunday ambition. If you aren’t familiar with the technique, here is a very good five minute video at Chow, though of course it doesn’t go into anything like the subtleties and refinement that Bertolli will teach you. One tip: for filled pasta like ravioli, it is a good idea to make the dough slightly wetter than normal so it is easier to seal reliably.

If you end up with extra filling, you can spread it in a shallow baking dish, top with a bit of cheese and bake at 350 to make a nice gratin.

I always scrub and save the rinds of parmesan in the freezer, because they make a delicious addition to this kind of soup. You can definitely make this without the rind, but it adds a nice layer of flavor.

Pumpkin Ravioli Filling
Vegetarian, not vegan; filling is gluten-free but ravioli wouldn’t be
Serves at least 4

Simple Broth and Beans
Vegetarian and gluten-free; vegan if you omit the cheese


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