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15 Of The Meanest Humans In Existence That Trolled People With Their Food Pranks


If there’s one thing that most of us won’t tolerate anyone messing with, it’s our food. Food is the one thing that everyone enjoys and is something which brings us all together. Everyone needs it and we all love to eat, especially after a hard day’s work. The thought that someone could prank you by messing with your food is a disconcerting one. Let me give you an example: I don’t like mango juice. Should a practical joker decide to swap out my delicious glass of orange juice for some horrible mango juice without telling me, the sickly-sweet taste of mango on my tastebuds would surely ruin my day.

That’s a relativelylow-stakes scenario, but things can get a whole lot more messed up when you’re dealing with a certified troll. There are all manner of hilarious ways you can mess with someone’s food, either by making them eat something they weren’t expecting, or making them too scared to eat anything at all. Scroll down to check out some of the best food pranks on the internet right now, although you should be very careful – some of these might make you feel a little bit queasy.

1. Baked toenail

2. Easter egg grapes

3. Reese’s cupcakes filled with hot sauce

4. Toothpaste filled with mustard

5. Mayo filled with toothpaste

6. I know some people who wouldn’t mind getting this

7. Mustard cupcakes

8. Toothpaste-filled Oreos

9. M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces and Smarties mixed together

10. Hide one chilli pepper in amongst these chocolate-covered strawberries

11. Healthy fast food? Eugh

12. Krispy Kreme salad box

13. Disguised brussel sprouts

14. Candy Blox with real Lego inside

15. Jelly babies that have been covered in salt

The worst thing about a good prank is that it could happen at any moment, at practically any time of the year; even over the holidays, nobody is safe from practical jokes. If you’re looking to plan ahead for a festive prank, then check out this hilarious practical joke that a guy played on his sister.

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