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Under-$20 Home Upgrades That Make A Huge Difference


Unless you’re living in a luxury high-rise with a yoga studio and doorman service, your apartment is likely fairly simple in design: bare off-white walls, hardwood floors( that are most likely simply painted laminate ), harsh overhead lighting. To make things worse, if you’re living in a rental, making such a massive upgrades to your space is likely out of the question — thanks to painting regulations and a big no-no on hardwiring. The good news is, there are several easy ways to elevate your space without spending a fortune.

That’s why we partnered with Command( tm) Brand for a guide to 10 easy home upgrades, all under $20. Whether you’re looking to turn those boring shelves into a midcentury masterpiece or simply want to get rid of the plastic hardware throughout your space, there’s an inexpensive fix here to help you on your way. Click through, and get inspired to give your space a makeover. You may not have that 2,000 -square-foot loft quite yet, but at the least you are able to fake it.

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment with an abundance of drawers and cabinets, then you probably understand the level of annoyance they can bring. Spills happen, gunk happens, and mold sometimes( hopefully rarely) happens. To protect your rental unit from too much wear and tear — and to give those drawers an elevated, finished seem — cut this marble-print shelf liner to size and place it underneath your utensils, plates, mugs, and whatever organized chaos is happening in the “junk drawer.”

Con-Tact( r) Grip Print Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner in Midnight Marble, $9.99, available at Bed Bath& Beyond.

Designed by Richard Chance.

Take the jumble off your kitchen counters and into…the air. This creative solution stores all those pesky spatulas, whisks, and ladles in a drifting aluminum grip. Mount it on the wall by your sink for easy storing when you are do the dishes( because some of us aren’t lucky enough to have dishwashers) or under your top cabinets by the stave. If anything, think of it as an easy way to turn those bamboo spoons into minimal art.

Umbra Float Kitchen Organizer, $14.70, available at Amazon.

Designed by Richard Chance.

Whether you realise it or not, “youre supposed to” have a piece of art somewhere that you’ve always intended to put up but never got around to; perhaps it’s a framed piece from a vintage store or a minimal publish you procured for$ 5 on Etsy. Whatever it is, these handy Command( tm) Scene Hanging Strips will help you get it hung up without having to use fingernails or tools. Just click the strips together and follow the instructions to hang your art. Hanging something heavier? Four pairs of big strips can hold up to 16 pounds. Then, when you move( or want to switch up your style ), you are able to simply stretch the strips down and your art will come right off, damage-free.

Command( tm) Large Picture Hanging Strips 12 pack, $7.89, available at Target.

Designed by Richard Chance.

We’re still nostalgic for those working clap-on illuminates from our youth, but now it’s all about making your home a smart hub with voice activation. While you might not have the disposable income to convert everything in your home, there are little steps you can take. This affordable smart plug outlet lets you use your voice to turn your sunlights on and off. Just plug it into the wall, and plug your lamp, twinkle illuminations, or neon sign into the smart outlet. Then, you can easily ask your smart home to turn on the lights.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Outlet, $16.99, available at Amazon.

Designed by Richard Chance.

If you’re the various kinds of person who binged a specific Netflix series about organization and religiously follows home accounts on Instagram, then “youre supposed to” already know that storage is everything. To tackle your pantry, unbox your most used staples — like oats, pastas, and flour — and give them a new home to put on display in the kitchen. Or take on a genuinely celeb-inspired trick and use the canisters to show off your cookie-stacking skills.

The Container Store 2-Liter Glass Canister with Matte Black Lid, $12.99, available at The Container Store.

Designed by Richard Chance.

It may feel like the only style to grow up is to get rid of all your reasonably priced Swedish furniture, but there’s a so much easier way to upgrade your space. Give those hard-to-pronounce cube shelves and that storage sofa bed some expensive-looking panache with these midcentury modern legs. All you have to do is twist them into 8-millimeter bolts and, voila, your furniture looks like something from your favorite influencer’s best Instagrams.

Forge Midcentury Modern Brass Furniture Leg in Teak, $19.00, available at Forge Hardware.

Designed by Richard Chance.

Since we’re shelling out hundreds( or thousands !) of dollars for rent every month, the least we could ask for is an upgrade from those worn-out plastic switching plates. While your landowner is probably not going to accommodate the ask( especially when you can’t even get them to replace the bulb in your bathroom ), you can certainly take the problem into your own hands. These brushed brass plates are a small investment with major stylistic payoff.

CB2 Hex Brushed Brass Double Toggle Switch Plate, $12.95, available at CB2.

Designed by Richard Chance.

When it comes to wall decor, the pieces that attain the most impact are often the most simplistic. Take these wall shelves, for example: The clean design features unfinished plywood and copper piping, but the Scandi-minimalist style works. Adorn with small bangles, jewelry boxes, those sparkly crystals you guilt-bought at that trendy apothecary, and whatever other knickknacks you have laying around.

Urban Outfitters Carter Triangle Bracket Wall Shelf in Large, $12.00, available at Urban Outfitters.

Designed by Richard Chance.

For those of us who aren’t quite luck enough to live in apartments with barn-inspired wood shiplap and pure-white metro tiling, our blank walls can feel a bit boring. For a quick yet tasteful fix, invest in peel-and-stick slate tiling. The flexible, lightweight stone is perfect for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom accent wall — not to mention the application is foolproof and wholly grout-free.

Aspect Slate Peel& Stick Mosaic Tile in Medley, $13.33 per square foot, available at Wayfair.

Designed by Richard Chance.

As much as we love our plant babies, we tend to find ourselves forgetting them by relegating them to a blank space on our bookshelf or the floor next to a window. This set of wall planters gives your green friends a rightful place of their own. The clean hexagonal shape is the perfect size for succulents, air plants, or plastic dollar-section finds( no judgment — we don’t all have a green thumb ).

ConceptFusion Set of Two Standard Hexagonal Honeycomb Indoor/ Outdoor Succulent Wall Planter, $19.75, available at Etsy.

Designed by Richard Chance.

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