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Can Cabin Crew Wear Eyeglasses ?


Even though it has become so easy to get contact lenses, people still wonder whether or not they can wear eyeglasses, if the need should arise.

Most people agree that flight attendants and cabin crews should wear contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. That may be true for some airlines, but it is not always the case. Since the standards differ from airline to airline, you should consult the particular airline that you work for if you want to wear glasses. One airline in Malaysia will only permit glasses with a doctor’s recommendation. There is an approval process that you must follow in order to wear glasses. Even with permission, there are still specific types of glasses that are considered acceptable.

Why wouldn’t a cabin crew be allowed to wear glasses?

Your own safety

Most of the time you are on a plane, you will be in the air and not on the ground, so you will be subject to turbulence on a regular basis. This turbulence can shake the plane, which could result in a fall while you are working since you are not seated like a passenger would be. A autumn like this could result in a higher risk of trauma because of your glass. It will take longer for your vision to recover if you fell your glass. This is less likely to occur with contacts, and bringing an extra situate of contacts is easy.

If something were to happen to the plane and you ended up in the ocean, glasses would have most likely fallen off and you may find it difficult to see to find the best place for rescue. This is why your vision is tested for nearsightedness and farsightedness.

The safety of the passengers

It is your job to help the airline you work for make its passengers feel safe. Even though crew members usually can’t wear glasses, passengers can if they so choose because they are seated most of the time and do not have to worry about the same dangers you do.

You are there for more than only serving food and drinkings, you need to be there to ensure their safety and gratification. If a passenger happens to lose their glass, you should help them find them.

You cannot be busy worrying about situating your glasses if they should fall off. Imagine if there is a medical emergency and you can’t assistance because either you are having a hard time insuring or are too busy locating your glasses.

You help the pilot make sure the flight goes smoothly. You should work together with the other crew members to make this happen. You should always provide top-notch serving in a pleasant manner. You could potentially be the difference between life and demise in an emergency. You must not only manage your stress until the situation is resolved, but also the stress of the passengers. You should always present yourself in a calm and collective way.

Nevertheless, your safety comes first because you have to be there for the passengers, which brings us back to point# 1. Not doing everything possible to maintain your vision during a flight is unacceptable.

The Grooming standards of the airline

The grooming standards for the cabin crew for most airlines are strict–they wish to present their crew in a uniform manner. Glasses can hinder this uniformity.

So, can the members of the cabin crew wear glasses?

That answer depends on the airline you work for. Regardless of your employer’s policy, you should wear contact lenses, if possible–during the interview and at work. While there are many crews that wear glasses, given the reasons above, it is probably better to merely wear contacts. You will have to prove to your employer that wearing glasses will not compromise the three things mentioned in this post, you will probably be able to get approval to wear them.

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