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Community Post: Plum Amazin’!


1. Peach-and-Plum Jam

Peach-and-Plum Jam

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Sweet, tart & floral, make summer last with homemade canned jam!

2. Spinach, Basil & Plum Salad

A 3-citrus vinaigrette pulls together this fragrant salad of baby spinach, potent basil and juicy plums.

3. Roasted Pork Loin with Poached Plums

Boozy, spiced poached plums are right at home next to succulent herb-roast pork.

4. Plum Cake & Orange Sauce

This is the perfect cake to bake off in a loaf pan & then slip a slice into everyone’s lunchbox for a seasonal sweet treat.

5. Honey Roasted Plums with Thyme & Greek Yogurt

Thyme adds a wonderfully floral note to complement the caramel undertones of brown sugar syrup soaked into warm, juicy plums.

6. Plum Sorbet

Tart & sweet, this sorbet gets it’s luscious texture from corn syrup; but, if you avoid it honey or light molasses can help achieve a similar texture.

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